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In addition with the BlogrShop installation, the responsive Blogger store template is already equipped with social bookmarks. For example, you can easily link to your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even your blog store RSS feeds.

We also have upgraded the social bookmarks stylings to work on any screen sizes too. Yes responsive and works well from iPad screen to small mobile devices. The social bookmarks is placed very dominant in the top pages to let your users/customers/visitors share your products via social networks streaming, and lets you, as blogshop owner, get in touch with your loyal visitors.

custom social bookmark BlogrShop responsive Blogger store
The dominant social bookmark, helps you to connect to your profile.

To customize the social bookmarks links to your profile:-

Go to Template (back up template if nescessary) > Edit Template.

In between Line 2072 and Line 2084 in the new Blogger template editor UI, you will find some code snippets like below:-

<!-- Social Tabs Links --> 
<div class='idc-social'>
<li><a class='rss' href=''>Subscribe our Feed</a></li>
<li><a class='twitter' href=''>Follow me on Twitter</a></li>
<li><a class='facebook' href=''>Find me on Facebook</a></li>
<li><a class='google' href=''>Join me on Google+</a></li>
<li><a class='linkedin' href=''>Connect with LinkedIn</a></li>
<!-- Social Tabs Links --> 

To edit and linking to your social profiles find " href='insert-your-profile-url-links-here' ". Edit the line with your own link to your profile pages. The example above also shows how the profile links format would look like and feel free to add us to your awesome community :-)

FYI, we also update our Blogger templates from time to time, in making sure each and every 3rd party libraries is working as it should. Why? It's because these Blogger store templates is actually live and being used by our friends and clients blogshops. So, we're providing support, the best we can for Blogger template customization, template sponsorship and anything Blogger related activities.

Well some people say it's hard to find good help today. Since our inception and active support with concrete5, the awesome content management system (CMS), via forums and concrete5 based responsive website template contribution, we've been supporting the on-line community ever since.

Drop by concrete5 here and find out, what's going on with website development and how easy to  build your own professional website easily with concrete5, winner of Best CMS People's Choice Award for 2012 by CMS I mention it's a FREE website building software tool...

Hopefully we would provide the same support to Bloggers too. Cheers.
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