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Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. What awesome service - I really wasn't expecting a reply until Monday! Linsay R (May 2017)

Would like you to review and give your comment. Thank you once again, your customer service is top notch! Lilian (Apr 2017)

I have seen the website, everything looks great and perfect!!!
So much thanks to your team for helping me out and making effort to ensure everything is explained clearly! :) Singapore's Leading Fashion & Trending Boutique

thank you so much. that why I decide to buy 2 template in Very good template and good support! Vovandatqb

Dear Team Irsah, You guys are the greatest! Issue resolved! Ossumness! Thanks a lot guys! Ramlee

Yes, Cool! I am done and saved as revised version already. Thanks for your support. It's great, simple and easy to use. Tony Chan

I installed your template and I am very excited. A big thank you for the great job you are doing there... Moto Press

Thanks a lot! My daughter can start her project now! Maureen

Nice template... Btw i already try some of your template, really nice and looking forward blogrcart mukabuku... Facebook Reviews: Rahmad Bah

 - nice template bro! hebat... Facebook Reviews: Wan Pojie

5 STARS service! Facebook Reviews: Jawad Knays Hillali

5 STARS service Facebook Reviews: Ksar Mohamad Noor

5 STARS service Facebook Reviews: Muhammad Anuar Zahwan

I am so grateful to have found irsah designs which provided me with an e-commerce template in blogger for my online blog.. Crystaline

Featured at 200+ Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates 2014 Template Reviews

Thanks for this awesome plugin!!! I used this to my blog. HindiTracks

Thank you! I been trying to do this literally all day! You guys actually helped me get one... Adrian

... i am really interested on your e-commerce template cause i am gonna make my very first online store based on blogger. and i think buying a legal license of your template is a good decision... Amelia

Yeaaahhhh!!! thank You so muchhh you're great.. i changed return "Peso "; to return "₱ "; so Peso sign Displaying now!!! god bless you sir Irsah.. Ainsley Rose

I purchased the theme and saw on the instructions I got that it was pretty easy to do it all myself. It was very well explained! Tea Jusuh

...I'm a fan of your work and appreciate that it's free! Shuhada Daud

...anyway the template is awesome, so far x jumpa any other flaw pun.
Thankiuuuuuu Asmira Roslan

...wahh thank you so much
perkhidmatan paling terbaik dri pihak irsah
5/5 marks Facebook Reviews: Ariff Zakwan

1st one to help out and attend our website needs! - by Malaysia's largest muslimah headscarve (the Tudung) manufacturer & wholeseller. Facebook reviews: Artie Natasha

Cool Design service! Facebook Reviews: Dan Ng, Blogger-prenereur

Your solutions helped 20,914 people on Fixya! (updated on April 20, 2014)

1st longest comment received in my blog. ("Dapat Komen Terpanjang Buat Kali Pertama"), Blogger Award Winner.

Make money through ads campaign? ("Buat duit melalui iklan?") Denaihati.Com, Malaysia's No.1 Blogger-preneur & Multiple Blogger Award Winner
I recently tried using your blogr responsive template. and wow, its amazing! Mohd Aqmin

... This is a great Blogger template for sure, it is the hardest one I worked in, but it is very interesting... Zaineb webmaster/designer/author Shopping in Iraq

HI Irsah, You really did a good works. I going to share your website on my own facebook page as a return.... Louis webmaster/author OMG Headphones

I've read your article writing about Hatta Dolmat latest collection and it's a great review:) ... Stacy Hui -

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Irsah inDesigns article featured in SAYS Live Chat and Stories, Malaysia Social News Network under current Malaysia's politic scene. Find out at for more details Articles and Reviews

Thank you Irsah!! Worked like a charm!! Saved me from having to compromise my design. pyrodigitalTheme Development

Your template is just "AWESOME " or more then it. I will consider your template in my next post.... Salman Baig

Prays fot the All Mighty, a customer made an order through my checkout form. And the emails to Yahoo was receives ias expected... can you help me integrate with FB Apps... ;-) Undisclosed Blogger Store Template User

Thank you Irsah... a customer has just made an order an it was successful... Undisclosed Blogger Store Template User

Genius! Thank you.. warginevents

Thanks Irsah
I thought maybe I was missing something obvious, so I'll have a try with your suggestions.
Thanks! TIm

seems better, but now i've a strange bug :
my index page in edit mode began messy...
no ot's ok it seems to work
the cache was the problem, thx for your help :) Asgatlat

Yes I'm on board. I really like the product I just have to work on my learning curve.
Any suggestions on the #footer?
Thank smburrichter

That's the solution, thanks!
I changed the overall page size and then the margin. crob09

Wow. That's incredibly easy. I was trying all kinds of changes to the header.php file, and with my ignorance was making a mess. Thanks so much:) sbbehrman

Kepada Bro Irsah saya hargai sangat komen penjelasan yang sangat terperinci dan membantu dari anda. Thank you again because keep support my blog AkmaOmar.Com

Irsah, antara blogger baru yang eyriqazz kenali kerana Cabaran SEO Eyriqazz vs Denaihati. Kagum dengan entri dan kemahiran dalam menulis entri yang disertakan dengan research tersendiri dan lain dari yang lain. Salah seorang blogger yang mempunyai ilmu blogging yang agak mendalam pada pandangan Eyriqazz. Eyriqazz.Com

A new Teaser Eyriqazz vs Denaihati by Irsah shows that Eyriqazz and denaihati done some breakdance?? Wow they look so young and energetic. So, who will the winner between both of them?? Is it eyriqazz or maybe denaihati?? CikTom.Com 

Right massive thanks to irsah for his help. maybe I was being slow but I completely missed some of the steps so I am going to share here for others.
To add a tagging system to your page to allow you to cross promote posts of similar content tobyleeming

And many more...

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Pandan Cahaya,
68000 Ampang
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