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— Have a question? Quick answers here on template, designs, customizations and stuff.

Why is your Blogger e-mail invoice  e-commerce with shopping cart FREE?
— Well... we like to share stuffs.

— We developed the plug-in ourselves and it definitely gets the job done with minimal cost. So, as long as our domain is there, it should be around for a very (very) long time. Our kind user(s) and the good people from the internet are very generous, whereas the donations covers ALL of the internet costs anyway, and they get author links removal permissions too! Why not donate to us NOW!

Is there any "catch" in using the FREE add on for Blogger e-commerce templates?
— Of course! Just kidding. All license and permissions included in the template(s). If you want the remove the footer links, only USD12 (one time/template design). You have permissions to do what ever you want with the template, even sell as your own. Remember, you are not paying for the plug-in (it's free anyway), act it like a small donation to us for the long hard hours developing the templates and making sure it will still remain FREE to use - and looks good too! :-)

Can I use your templates and sell my goods, do I need permission?
— Download, install and sell. All permissions and license included in template. We do not claim any percentage/royalty (or what ever) from your store which you have developed/customized and used the add-on plug-in. Once download, it's yours to use.

I need some modification and customizations. Can you help out?
— If you have not read the long comments section, I think you must have missed out on something. We even give up FREE tutorials and support to users. PM us and we'll try to fit in the initial help and support. But as always, our registered/license holders/users - our priority.

Do you charge for customizations?
— Yes. Everybody does something for a living.

How much does it cost to customize my Blogger template, I mean the shopping cart settings?
— If it's easy, it's FREE. If it take us hours to just customize to your preference, that will be another story. More details is required though. PM us your details/requirements and we'll definitely give you the best offer.

Can you install a custom shopping cart on my own Blogger template and how much does it cost?
— Of course. Since we like number twelve, all "heavy" customization including add on plug-ins starts at USD12 onwards. PM us your details/requirements.

Do you do custom Blogger templates with shopping cart?
— Yes. But it's time consuming. Definitely with your help by providing the right direction (and examples) will speed up the process.

Where else can I grab a hold of your Blogger e-commerce templates?
— Only here. We're too lazy to promote elsewhere though. Owh... we forgot our Fb Fanpage & also on Youtube :-)

I am a designer and I would like to sell your upgraded Blogger template designs. Can I do that?
— If you have not read the license attached, I think you can have a closer look. If your want the links to be removed, than PM us with your order and the license/permissions will be sent to you ASAP (once confirmed). Only limitations of no license holders is that your custom template can not be sold (commercial related activities) and if you are sharing (even for free) the Author links must be always visible and intact.

Honestly, how much do make doing this stuffs?
— Enough for us to have a live, a few houses, a few cars, a few offices and the best thing we only work 8 months (a few months) a year. The rest is just RnR! Behind the scenes we do a lot of projects locally with government and the private sector including projects with small business individuals. So you can roughly guess how tough the 8 months would be.

If I want to hire you, how could I pay?
— Our policy, job first payment later. It's been there ever since. Read our users feedbacks here. We receive any payment AFTER you have tested the stuffs, no questions ask! Payments can be arranged via Paypal or direct bank transfers (on line). Details will be given via the Work Order sent.

Do you guys do SEO?
— Not that much. But most of our tutorials and articles rank pretty well in search engine results. Even most of our reviews/articles are in the front line. (could not disclose, client's policy). We're everywhere...

We have a problem while setting up your FREE templates. Some sort of pop up alert after clicking the send order button. What's with that?

— Simple. Just read what the pop up alerts you! It is made to prevent unauthorised users, sometimes spammers, just because we want to absolutely make sure that this service will ALWAYS be available for FREE to use. And it also helps your on-line store to receive LEGIT orders from your user to your mail!

Imagine 1000 blog store send orders at the same time, and if the 2nd store in turn to process the send order to email, if that order has ERRORS, than the balance 998 orders are stalled, possibly their orders can not be delivered! Pointless right?

But sometimes, when your custom template settings are not well parsed properly, it too will trigger an error. So double check your settings before trying it out or publishing it live for your users.

An error also can occur if you remove/modify author links as stated in template license (for FREE users). So make sure everything is intact properly. If your template has one or more of these error(s), contact us for, support/help. That plain simple!

Anything else we have left out?

You can use our direct contact form here to submit your questions. Send us your questions and we would gladly help out!

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