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— Have a question? Quick answers here on template, designs, customizations and stuff. Why is your Blogger e-mail invoice  e-commerce with shopping cart FREE? — Well... we like to share stuffs. How long would you provide the FREE services ie send order e-mail invoices for Blogger? — We developed the plug-in ourselves and it definitely gets the job done with minimal cost. So, as long as our domain is there, it should be around for a very (very) long time. Our kind user(s) and the good people from the internet are very generous, whereas the donations covers ALL of the internet costs anyway, and they get author links removal permissions too! Why not donate to us NOW! Is there any "catch" in using the FREE add on for Blogger e-commerce templates? — Of course! Just kidding. All license and permissions included in the template(s). If you want the remove the footer links, only USD12 (one time/template design). You have permissions to do what ever you want with the temp
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