Tutorial Shopping Cart Checkout to Paypal Supported Currency - BND/PKR/INR to USD

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BlogrCart Blogger store template & themes which comes pre-installed with shopping cart by simplecartjs - a simple & lightweight e-commerce plug-in for websites (& blogs), makes it easy to manage your e-commerce blogspot template functionalities with its built-in functions. Since that Paypal only supports 30+ currencies to receive payments.or make transactions, now with BlogrCart blogger store templates, any currency can checkout to Paypal supported currency from their Blogger store. Why Paypal? Paypal is the leading online payment gateway that supports multiple currencies, secured & safe. It also provides a minimal transaction fee, which is so affordable for small business owners. No monthly occurring fees, highly recommended for blogger store owners who were thinking of expanding product sales outside their region. Below is the tutorial (and detail code functions) on how to update your BlogrCart Blogger store theme currency (& prices) using currency examp
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