On-Line Product Selling Woes - What Makes a Difference?

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One of the problems for users when purchasing or buying anything on-line is "human instinct". The feeling if the on-line store is trusted or not? Do they have enough information? Is it secured buying from here? Some are skeptical enough in thinking that purchased items (especially digital downloads) is not what it is said (or written) to be.

It is a normal phase for users, when having an interest to purchase on-line, and it is up to the store owner (product provider) to include as many information possible, feeding users with just about enough information on the product and how the store handles purchases.

Here's a few tips, that also can be used by BlogrCart template for Blogger store owners, in providing the right information, in helping users to purchase on-line safely and secured.

Clear Product Details & References

Always portray a very clear information about your product offered and the references where users can get hold on to, to support the product itself.

About your Shop/Store

A clear description/reference on the administrators who manages the on-line store, which includes company background, registrations, telephone or contact, other public profiles which will help users to get in touch easily.

Users want to know who is behind the curtain! At some extent, users will search around the world wide web on you and your on-line store. Makes sure that you as the owner are "consistent" within your internet public profiles, in order to help build your on-line presence.

Shopping at Your Store

Describe how users can shop at your store (with or without shopping cart) so your users can easily order the items required. A thorough explainations helps users to troubleshoot on how they handle their ordered items.

It's hard to satisfy humans! Making split decisions (like on-line ordering) can sometime change in the end. Make it clear to users on how they can make ordering changes and how your on-line store handles it.

Deliverables, Shipping & Returns Policy

Users also wants to know how their purchase items is delivered and what your on-line store can offer to ship the product. To secure their purchases, clearly state how your on-line store handles return items, if it is delivered to and not to their expectations.

Here's a good example on how a return is handled, provided by Paypal. Of course, this is a digital download item, but shows how store owners can issue purchased refunds by clicking a button! This helps build trust and clearly define users purchase rights and how your on-line store handles the refunds issues (and maybe complaints).

How blogrcart template download handle refunds if unsatisfactory
Example: How BlogrCart Template Downloads Handles Refunds - powered by Paypal

Policy, Terms, Conditions & Privacy

This is very important which covers rights/matters related between you as your store owner, the on-line store itself and the users rights.

Ordering Options

Providing a variety of options to collect order or make payment is an added advantage. Not all users have the ability to handle your preferred mode of transaction you know!

Luckily, for BlogrCart template, by default it has options for users to select, sending order and make payment later, or direct on-line payment via Paypal, with automated items checkout delivered too!

Secured & Reputable Payment Gateway

Select a known, trusted on-line payment gateway vendor for your on-line store is actually the "mother"  of all.  Weather users pays at your site or at the respective payment service provider secured web page, this is what takes or breaks, for any on-line store purchases.

Like our BlogrCart template, it is equipped with Paypal checkout, the world's most loved way to pay on-line - the tag-line says it all. So selecting a secured payment gateway can help you to focus more on the marketing aspects and your how you display your products - let the professionals handle the dirty work!

Store Reputation & Trust

Building an on-line store (includes blogshops) is not about creating a product, publishing on-line, promote in social networks and hoping users will BUY it! The key is TRUST. Building up a reputation as the store owner and getting users to acknowledge your on-line store, is part and partial in building up that trust.

Your on-line store is just a gallery. If it is designed good enough, users have a chance to go through your products in a systematic and efficient way. Providing users relevant information, helps to promote that trust for your on-line store and build up your own reputation as the store owner.

User feedbacks, reviews, comments etc will also play a major role in helping building that trust, for you, as store owner and your on-line store. So communicate with them! Ask your current users for suggestions! Most likely they will say something nice about your services.


Original is not about the product you are selling! Most likely the product offered in your on-line store is also offered by your competitor in your business model.

Use your own image, or, enhance the product image provided by your suppliers. Make it stand out from your competitor. Describe your product, not just by copy and pasting the exact description from the original product site itself.

By god, choose a template which displays your images in a correct manor! Not distorted like the ones you can see (or used) provided freely by template designers. It looks un-professional, period!

Why Our Examples

It's simple! The screenshot show it all! A successful on-line purchase in a short time frame Imagine what it can do for you and your on-line store, when using free platforms like Blogger (formerly known as Blogspot).

If you have not grab a copy of our template, please do so, it's free anyway. You can also grab a BlogrCart PRO copy, with loads of options to kick start your on-line store in no time! Here's the secured product page for you to view.

We are not saying that our product page is the best, but the main thing, the page works, making sales, in the mean time, we can focus 110% to support/help our current and new users, without using any advance on-line marketing techniques!

Did you Know?
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