How Does BlogrCart Send Order E-mail Works for Blogger?

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Send order e-mail functionality have been very useful for BlogrCart E-commerce template for Blogger users. Since that Blogger (or previously known as Blogspot) uses xml language, there are a lot of limitations.

BlogrCart templates includes a unique Send Order form option which blogger template users can receive orders via the built in form. The form also includes the selected item (or product) from your blogger store and sent to the recipients email secured and safely.

Why do BlogrCart Templates Need External Send Email Order Plug-in?

We all know that Blogger are built with xml and this language has limitations (and unforgiving if you are a coder). So our plug-in comes to the rescue, a PHP server side script to handle the posted data from your BlogrCart template send order form. This allows for BlogrCart users to include simple HTML to post the data required at any Blogger pages.

Without a server side script like BlogrCart template uses, it is impossible to send orders (or data) even with Jquery, Javascript or Ajax (a Javascript extension). Because javascripts will only work from your own domain (or sub-domain) and used on the browser side.

BlogrCart Send Order Info Graphic

Form Sends Data to PHP Server Side Plug-in
PHP Server Side Plug-in checks, validates data before sending to e-mail addresses
E-mail providers receives, checks, encrypts, validate before displaying to user.
Users preview orders sent (HTML or non HTML supported) e-mails

Does BlogrCart Template Plug-In Collects Data?

No! The plug-in does not collect data nor expose data (sent by user via the order form) in making sure the plug-in can be accessible for users, especially coming from Blogger pages and not flagged as SPAM by e-mail provider checks!.

If the plug-in collects data, it will definitely slower down the process of sending orders and possible congestions (and slows our websites too!) when in use simultaneously. That is why we made sure that the plug-in is as simple as it should, which is delivering orders sent by users via the send order form on the "fly".

Can We Trust BlogrCart External Plug-Ins?

Of course and it's very simple! Any plug-in hosted in a non blacklisted server/domain is the only way to send e-mail safely and secured to major e-mail providers. If a domain/server is blacklisted by email providers (or the world wide web), one can not send  or receive any email, that's it!

Furthermore, currently major e-mail providers ie Gmail, YahooMail etc, encrypt e-mail data in making sure all e-mails are safe to deliver and viewed.

We made sure that our domain and servers are not blacklisted and safe with all e-mail providers. This is hard work to authenticate one server/domain with the endless list of email providers, and we do it FREE!

How Come Some Email Sent Flagged as SPAM?

There are many reasons why an e-mail can be flagged SPAM, amongst them are?
  • Too many hyperlinks in your email.
  • Suspicious name used as reply-to email address.
  • No name/email address used in reply-to email address.
  • Using "Spammy" words like "sell", "offer", "discounts", "buy", "cash" etc.
  • Receives emails from the same recipient in a "suspicious timely fashion".
  • Server/domain has been blacklisted.
  • Keyword stuffing of "spammy words"
  • A person (previously) flagged SPAM on the email used, by other users.
  • A pre-configured email account to only receive emails by certain recipients and automatically flag unknown e-mail address as SPAM..
  • Suspicious security certificate (owned or shared) used by the send e-mail server.

The list above are common issues and can be found in the respective e-mail providers Terms of Use and even in their Developer pages.

So in order to make sure your email is sent accordingly (by BlogrCart Template), follow the respective rules set by your preferred e-mail providers. The email settings included (in template) has many options for you to customize your e-mail body so it can be presented in a professional, clear and organised manor.

Last Words

This is part and partial of the never ending duties, the team members at Irsah inDesigns, have to forsee and maintain behind the scene's in making sure you as blog store users can use the facility with less to none errors, UNLIMITED and FREE.

To top it all, with mere simple HTML (but sometimes only text editing), this is what makes BlogrCart Template unique from their competitors. Like the tagline says, No Hidden Codes, No Complicated HTML, we made it so simple to set-up your Blogger store in minutes! No advance HTML know how is required!

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