Send E-mail Order Update for Blogger Shopping Cart Templates

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Beginning April 2014, our Blogger e-commerce shopping cart users are required to update their Blogger template settings for the customized unlimited send e-mail orders section. It is a major change since that this update is required in order to fully utilise the send order form functionalities from the custom Blogger checkout page.

BlogrCart White responsive e-commerce Blogger template

In any of our Blogger e-commerce shopping cart template collection, find these codes below (the location should be at the very bottom of your template in Blogger template editor):- ..

data.shop_url = "http//"; 
data.shop_thankyou = ""; 
data.shop_sendFail = "";

... more codes ...

Now change the url's to your Blogger blogshop pages WITHOUT using the "http:" prefix. Now your codes will look like so:- ..

data.shop_url = "//"; 
data.shop_thankyou = "//"; 
data.shop_sendFail = "//";

..more codes ...

In addition, if you want to simplify the codes, you can also remove the "http://" prefixes and would look something like below:- 

data.shop_url = ""; 
data.shop_thankyou = ""; 
data.shop_sendFail = "";

..more codes ...

This update is very important as users have reported to us of incomplete/failure (in random internet environment) sending orders due to recent changes and STRICT internet service providers posting requests using "http://" and/or "https://" prefixes.

This issue has been rectified and it is to our duty in making sure that the free Blogger e-commerce shopping cart template will always be updated and fully functional accordingly. The download files to the Blogger e-commerce template collections has already been updated with the recent changes. Including for each respective Blogger template download and installation tutorial pages.
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