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With the recent release of BlogrCart Plus responsive e-commerce Blogger blogspot template with shopping cart and dual checkout options (Paypal and send order via e-mail), here is the tutorial and available settings that comes included with the shopping cart template.

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Paypal has been one of the leading "virtual wallet" providing SECURED and SAFE on-line transactions via the internet. Setting up the right currency for your shopping cart blogger template should be considered in-line with Payal current (and growing) currency list for transactions.

BlogrCart Plus responsive shopping cart template paypal checkout

Upon download and installation of BlogrCart Plus blogger template, the default shopping cart settings are in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR). You can customize the shopping cart currency settings using short codes which has already been built in by the developers of simpleCartjs - Wojo Designs.

21 shopping cart currency settings have been pre-installed, which most of the listed currencies can be used with Paypal. Please refer for the full list of currencies made available in order to activate your shopping cart + Paypal checkout feature.

Here are amongst the built in currencies which have already been installed:-

"USD": { code:"USD", symbol:"quot;, name:"US Dollar" } ,
"AUD": { code:"AUD", symbol:"quot;, name:"Australian Dollar" } ,  
"BRL": { code:"BRL", symbol:"quot;, name:"Brazilian Real" } ,  
"CAD": { code:"CAD", symbol:"quot;, name:"Canadian Dollar" } ,  
"CZK": { code:"CZK", symbol:" Kč", name:"Czech Koruna", after: true } ,  
"DKK": { code:"DKK", symbol:"DKK ", name:"Danish Krone" } ,  
"EUR": { code:"EUR", symbol:"€", name:"Euro" } ,  
"HKD": { code:"HKD", symbol:"quot;, name:"Hong Kong Dollar" } ,  
"HUF": { code:"HUF", symbol:"Ft", name:"Hungarian Forint" } ,  
"ILS": { code:"ILS", symbol:"₪", name:"Israeli New Sheqel" } ,  
"JPY": { code:"JPY", symbol:"¥", name:"Japanese Yen" } ,  
"MXN": { code:"MXN", symbol:"quot;, name:"Mexican Peso" } ,  
"NOK": { code:"NOK", symbol:"NOK ", name:"Norwegian Krone" } ,  
"NZD": { code:"NZD", symbol:"quot;, name:"New Zealand Dollar" } ,  
"PLN": { code:"PLN", symbol:"PLN ", name:"Polish Zloty" } ,  
"GBP": { code:"GBP", symbol:"£", name:"Pound Sterling" } ,  
"SGD": { code:"SGD", symbol:"quot;, name:"Singapore Dollar" } ,  
"SEK": { code:"SEK", symbol:"SEK ", name:"Swedish Krona" } ,  
"CHF": { code:"CHF", symbol:"CHF ", name:"Swiss Franc" } ,  
"THB": { code:"THB", symbol:"฿", name:"Thai Baht" } ,  
"BTC": { code:"BTC", symbol:" BTC", name:"Bitcoin", accuracy: 4, after: true }

The easiest and simple way to install the short code for the shopping cart currency is like so:-

Find these codes in between Line 1652 - 1660 (BlogrCart Plus template).  This reference shopping cart currency codes is also used in our Blogger e-commerce template collections too.:-

$(function() { 
code: "MYR" , 
name: "Malaysia Ringgit" , 
symbol: "RM " , 
delimiter: " " , 
decimal: "." , 
after: false , 
accuracy: 2 

Now replace the currency codes to below:-


Note: Include your preferred currency short codes by country of choice as listed in the above. The example is using USD (US Dollar) as the shopping cart currency setting.

Do not forget to change the currencies of choice for  your e-mail send order checkout settings too! These settings can also be applied to our growing e-commerce Blogger blogspot template, currently available for download. Find it here in our blog!
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