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Fail terbaru tema My Blogshop Pro v1.1 boleh dimuaturun di laman pengenalan themes tersebut di http://blog.irsah.com/2013/03/myblogshop-pro-for-himher-tema-kedai.html . Sambutan sungguh hebat diberikan. Pihak kami dapat meluangkan sedikit masa untuk tingkat taraf tema Blogger e-commerce tersebut khas untuk anda. IMPORTANT UPDATE 01/04/2014 - New template e-mail invoice code structure was updated at this below field:- data.shop_url = "//your-blogshop-NAME.blogspot.com/"; data.shop_thankyou = "//your-blogshop-NAME.blogspot.com/p/sucess.html"; data.shop_sendFail = "//your-blogshop-NAME.blogspot.com/p/error.html"; Current users can remove the "http:" from your leading url in order to pass through the e-mail validations. The example is as shown above and should refelect your template settings. Antara penambaikan dijalankan pada tema My Blogshop Pro v1.1 adalah:- Kemas kini kod. Menambah related produk pada setiap produk page. Meng
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