Fix Add Link null or Duplicate Blogger Editor Issue

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For the past 2 weeks or so, Blogger users have encountered issues when adding links using the Add Link Blogger editor tool.

Update: As of 13th June 2024, with the new Google Chrome updates, the issue has been fixed. Please update to the latest Google Chrome updates for best Blogger UI experience.

Further investigation, we've detected it happened with the recent Chrome built web browser engine updates, may have disrupted the Blogger Add Link picker/selector tool.

Other than the Add Link tool, the color picker tool & the background color picker tool seems to be "buggy", does not work either, does not assign colors twhen the in use.

Fix Blogger Editor Add Link null or Duplicate Texts Issue

At the time of this writing, the issue happened on the latest web browser updates for Chrome, Edge, Brave & some version of Firefox etc.

No issues found with the Blogger editor on mobile devices & iOS web browser versions like Safari as it does not use the Chromium based browser engine or the latest Chromium build.

This issue, along with the text color & text background color selector tool has been escalated to the appropriate Google product team. Google Product Experts are still waiting for any news, updates or response from them.

There is no immediate resolution to fix these issues, however a temporary workaround have been shared & proven to work for some, as per below technique.

Workaround Use Add Link Blogger Editor Tool

1. Highlight the texts you want to add a link or create a url link.

2. While highlighted, hover your mouse at an input field, in this case, place the mouse cursor at the Title for post/pages field, then left click.

3. Once the cursor blinks at the Title field, click the Add Link button to add the url ot change the link texts.

4. Click "Apply" when completed.

Fix Blogger Editor Add Link null or Duplicate Texts Issue

Let us know in the Comments below if this workaround works or helped you.

At the time of writing, it was confirmed to had helped a lot of users in the community forums, as it manage to ease a bit of their work flow when facing these perdicament.

User's feedback can be found here:

We hope that fixes could be rectified as soon as possible, so that the Blogger editor can function like it should, even when more changes to the web browser engine updates pushed in the future.

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