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How to move a blog on blogger to another Google account you own?

You may have a business Google Account & started a blog on Blogger. You want to transfer your blog to a new personal Google account.

Or you have an old Google account, created several blogs and you want some of your blog to be moved to this new Google account.

Move a blog on blogger to another account you own

Assuming that you still have access to the company account (old account) to sign in to Google & your blog. 

Let's name this => Account A.

Your new account let's name this => Account B.

Here's the step-by-step guide..

Invite as a Blog Author

  1. Sign in to Account A and go to 
  2. Select your blog
  3. Go to Settings > Permissions > Invite More Authors
  4. Add the email for Account B, click Send
  5. Sign out of Account A at web browser.

Verify Account B

When sending out blog Author invites, your new account needs to be verified. Here's how...

  1. Sign out of all Google Accounts at your web browser
  2. Sign in to Account B
  3. Go to Account B's gmail inbox & find email notification, check in Spam folder if not found.
  4. Accept Invite and then Verify.
  5. Once completed, sign out of Account B at your web browser.

Update Author to Admin

Once Account B have been verified & accepted as blog Author, upgrade Account B as shared Admin, here's how... 

  1. Sign in to Account A at web browser
  2. At, Go to Settings > Permissions > Blog Admins and Author
  3. At the Account B email address, click the dropdown tab to change from Author to Admin
  4. At this point your blog should have 2 Admins.

You are all set!

Now, all you have to do is to sign out of all Google accounts at web browser & sign in to Account B.

Go to Settings > Permissions > Blog Admin and Author, click "x" at the Account A email address.

Now, technically your blog have been moved to this new Google Account (Account B).

Images & Uploaded Blog Assets

However, images or assets uploaded by Account A at this blog does not transfer to Account B.

You have several options...

1. Download a copy of Account A images/assets by using Google Takeout. Then at your blog while signed into Account B, replace the images by re-uploading them.

2. Leave your Account A dormant, do not delete Account A just yet! This keeps the assets uploaded via Account A available at your blog.

3. If you choose #2 route, make sure to sign in to Account A within a 2 year timeline to make sure Account A will not be removed/deleted by Google due to the 2 year inactivity policy.

Just remember, removing or deleting a Google account will also remove/delete the assets/data uploaded/used by this account.

Since that uploading images via Blogger UI does not count to your Google account storage space & assets bandwith consumption, your contents will remain intact, just as long as your Google account is signed in -- once in a while ;).

Hope this helps!

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