Blogger Custom Domain SSL Certificate Failed Challenge Data Issues

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Blogger custom domain issues:

HTTPS SSL certificate failed to be processed due to challenge data not being visible through the public internet.

2 reasons why this may happen...

Reason 1: If your custom domain DNS & four A Records could not be found set up at your domain manager.

Reason 2: Your domain is not yet verified by Google.

In this post, we'll show you how you can fix this, proven to work at/with any Domain Provider.

Fix Blogger custom domain challenge data SSL issues

In a Netshell

Blogger platform provides free SSL (Secured Socket Layer) for blogs using a custom domain. This means, you do not need to purchase an SSL Certificate at your domain provider to use them for your blog on Blogger. The SSL certificate is provided (and renewed) for free to all Blogger blogs.

By having an SSL, your custom domain pointing to your blog on Blogger uses secured connections aka HTTPS - current industry standards.

Here's how to fix the dreaded "... SSL Certificate failed ... due to challenge data..." issues.

Fixing Reason 1: Incomplete Custom Domaim Setup.

If you have Cloudflare Redirects or Cache Optimization enabled, you need to disabled this.

If you've enabled eZoic optimization features, disable this feature too.

  1. Go to your domain manager
  2. Head over to your domain Settings
  3. Check if you have enabled any Rediects or Forwarding or Domain Parking setup. Disable this setting (toggle Off). Not sure where, contact your domain provider customer support.
  4. Check if your domain www. version uses tbe Host IP pointing to .
  5. If an A-records for "" (naked domain) already exist, you should remove the existing A-records.
  6. Add these 4 A-records that points to Google IPs. 
  1. Save these new domain settings.

Let's update your Blog's Settings

  1. Go to your Blogger dashboard & click Settings
  2. At Publishing > 3rd Party Domain > remove the domain
  3. Refresh web browser
  4. Now re-add your custom domain > click Save
  5. Then at Redirect Domain > toggle On (colored green)
  6. Refresh web browser.
  7. Now at HTTPS Availability > toggle On (colored green)
  8. Wait several minutes.
  9. Refresh web browser.
  10. At HTTPS Redirects > toggle On (colored green) when this is available to you.

At #4, when saving the custom domain, a dialog box may appear, you may need to add another set of CNAME records for verifications. 

Copy the unique verification record details & follow the instructions to add them at your Domain Manager.

Once this verification is complete, you should be able to allow you to save your changes at your Blogger Settings.

What if there is no popup or dialog box containing the verification records? Continue to below...

Reason 2: Verify Custom Domain with Google

  1. Go to Search Console
  2. Select your domain property with https or if you do not have one, create a New Property, add the as the url. (replace "" to your domain name).
  3. Go to Settings, under Ownership Verifications, click the small tab & choose CNAME.
  4. Instructions to copy your unique verification records will display to you. Copy & use it at your domain manager.
  5. Once you've added the new unique CNAME records, click Verify.
  6. You then can proceed with your domain setup at your blog dashboard.


Custom domain blogs on Blogger use the recommended domain setup pointing to Google servers.

If the custom domain setup is incomplete, or with multiple redirect setups, like Cloudflare & eZoic, several known issues will occur, some of them are...

  • Blogger default widgets may not work properly
  • Blogger dashboard views may display awkward data
  • Blogger theme Edit HTML may not allow to Save changes.
  • Blog pages links becomes unclickable when Cloudflare Cache Optimizer is enabled.
  • Issues accessing robots.txt & ads.txt file by web crawlers.
  • Issues submitting sitemap at Search Console.
  • Issues with redirects & using secured https connections.
  • Issues with web crawlers accessibility.
  • Issues with Adsense crawlers & review process

As of the time of writing, Cloudflare redirects, eZoic optimization features or any auto redirects handled at your domain manager does not work well with Blogger free SSL activation.

Still encountering issues accessing your domain?

For any tests, first clear your web browser cookies & cache or use Private Browsing window for optimal page refresh test results.

Hope it Helps!

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