Blogger Contact Form Send Email Failure & Quick Fix

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With the new web browser updates, especially for Firefox & Safari, users have reported that there were issues with sending email via Blogger Contact form widget.

Once the Blogger contact form Submit button is clicked, the contact form widget display could show something like this...

  • A notification pops up stating connection errors.
  • A never ending loop indicator pops up.
  • An error Send Message Fauled pops up
  • States message sent, but non delivered to blog Admins.

Fix Blogger Contact form send email issues enhanced website tracking

If any of the above happens to you or at your blog, here's what you can do...

Fix Blogger Contact Form Send Email Failures

1. Check your web browser & ensure Allow Cookies to be Saved

2. Check your web browser Settings & ensure Allow 3rd Party Website Tracking

3. For Firefox, click the "Shield" icon at url bar and Disable Enhanced 3rd Party Website Tracker

4. For iOS, ensure Hide My IP is disabled

5. Temporary disable Ad Blocker browser extension.

6. Disable or Whitelist Google's related domains cookies/connections at web browser anti virus application.

7. Stop using custom Contact Form hacks -- this does not work anymore when using custom markups or codes. The contact form widget will not allow the send form functions to work.

8. For custom domain, check if no Redirects, Forwarding or Parked setup is enabled at your domain manager. Disable Cloudflare or eZoic or any offered 3rd party optimization service. Only use the CNAME & four A Records supplied by Blogger for Custom Domain integrations with Blogger.

Still Can't Receive the Email?

If the send message via Blogger Contact Form was a success but you have not received the email, here's what you can do...

  1. Wait - it may take a while for the email sent by Blogger servers, especially during heavy traffic usages.
  2. Check your email inbox & inside your Spam folder.
  3. Ensure you do not add urls or links that is currently blocked by Google. For example urls is blocked, if added in the message field, the email will not be sent, no notification display either.
  4. Too many attempts -- repeated attempts to send messages may block your blog account usages. If this happens, wait 24 hours & try again.
  5. Correct email ID entered -- ensure to add a correct email address format added at the email field.

Hope it Helps!

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