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On the newer Blogger responsive themes for example Emporio, Contempo, Notable & Soho, some of the widgets has a cool expand & collapse feature upon user click action. This works well when there are lot of contents inside the widget body -- keeps your blog layout minimal & clean.

By default, Blogger theme widgets like Labels widget & Blog Archive widget contents will collapse (hidden) when in first blog page view. This same condition applies when moving these widgets somewhere else in your blog Layout.

In this tutorial we will show you how to remove the collapse features used for the Labels widget for Emporio Theme. This tutorial feature might can be applied for other themes too & you can quickly refer the data tags required to remove.

Using this method, it will allow you & your readers to use the expand & collapse feature for Labels widget like it was, without compromising existing expand/collapse functionality.

Expand Show Blogger Labels Widget for Emporio Theme

Before proceeding, Backup your theme codes to your computer using the Backup/Restore button.

  • Go to Theme
  • Edit HTML
  • click Jump to Widget
  • select your Label widget
  • At widget codes expand the widget codes & find below...

<details class='collapsible extendable'>
  <b:attr cond='data:view.isLabelSearch' name='open' value='open'/>

  • Remove highlighted yellow.
  • click Save Theme

This should make your Labels widget always shown/displayed by default.

What does the highlighted yellow line do? 

This particular line is used with a b:attr blogger theme operator to include the attribute "open" for the <details> HTML element use with Labels widget.

By removing highlighted yellow, it'll remove the blogger conditional tags to include the "open" attribute for <details> HTML element tag for blog search pages. When the attribute "open" is set, the Labels widget will remain expanded on every other pages instead -- as default view.

Further reference on How to show labels expanded instead of collapses in the new Blogger theme 2017 (Emporio) can be viewed here.

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