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As promised, for 2016, we have launched a new responsive Blogger template with shopping cart, send email notifier & Paypal checkout - BlogrCart TWO. Another addition to our #blogrcart Blogspot template collection, create a web store or blogshop made so easy using a Blogger blog!

You can find the this theme download links & this Blogger template with shopping cart live working  preview for testing,  right after the video embeded below.

Each BlogrCart Blogger themes with shopping cart is carefully designed, tested & crafted to meet small business owners preferences. Weather you are a fashion blogger, food author, nutritionist, product owner, brand owner etc. this would be a super easy way for you to monetize your products pages targeted directly to your preferred audience,

2016 responsive shopping cart Blogger template send email and Paypal checkout ready

Low learning curve, no code editing required, awesome free & personalize support from theme designer, makes it one of the best, easiest & quickest way to start an online store just like e-commerce website do - without ever to worry on any recurring fees.

In addition, this shopping cart pre-installed Blogspot template do not require any 3rd party services or add-ons to run its cart. Which means, blogshop owners will have full control to customize theme e-commerce functions, change theme colors & backgrounds or even change the theme looks using Blogger's built in Template Designer feature & add/remove/re-arrange built-in Blog widgets using the drag & drop functionality.

We also provided a video introduction for BlogrCart TWO Blogger template & made available at our Youtube channel. If you have the chance, please subscribe to our channel as we also share Blogger template tutorials & tricks almost daily.

Below we have summed up BlogrCart TWO shopping cart Blogger template features:-

Responsive design.

Works & display in any screen sizes which include mobile devices.

No code editing required

Custom Blogger dashboard & configuration widget helpers comes pre-installed to customize the theme according to your preferences.

Fully documented with comprehensive video tutorials

Each section of theme has been documented either on a dedicated page or in a video format for easy understanding/ customization.

Quick web page loading

Optimized to the best offered for a Blogger platform

Send order email notifier

Shopping cart data, order form data sent directly to the email attached with the Blog No 3rd party or external plug-in scripts required.

Paypal checkout ready

As simple as adding your email attached to your Paypal account. Data sent to you Paypal checkout page - secured using the https:// protocol handled by the world's preferred online payment channel.

Shopping cart pre-installed

View, add, remove the selected product on an automated update shopping cart view.

Currency setup

Over 25 preset currencies pre-installed & custom currency setup is also made available.

Multiple shipping options

Use shipping by cart quantity, by cart quantity or by percentage of the totals in shopping cart to auto calculate shipping at checkout. Custom shipping methods also available.

Tax setup

Tax can be applied & auto calculated at checkout summary.

Search engine best practices

Where ever possible, theme designer & developer have applied all current Search Engine Optimization SEO features & web page best practices.

Catalog product display

Product pages can now be organised by category for quick user access. Users can also sort the product display alphabetically, by price range or even change how the product is viewed.

E-commerce product features

Product posts can display its status, a before price, select option price with price updater, price "Save" indicator which is commonly used on e-commerce websites.

Instagram post feed

Display your Instagram post images as simple as adding your custom hashtag,

Auto load more product feature

Users can view all your products offered on a single page just by scrolling.

Things You Need to Know

By default this Blogger template has been optimized to meet current web page best practices, which includes speed, non dependent on external plug-in resources, how content display, mobile user ability etc.

Which means, some Blogspot basic functions has been deactivated upon initial install but still made available in template HTML for future usages. Among the default Blogger functions de-activated by default install are:-

  • Blogger comments
  • Display Adsense ads
  • Location
  • Feed & comment links
  • Navbar widget
  • Attribution widget

This will allow your Blogger store to load faster, looks cleaner, focuses on your product/content while getting the best results when monetizing your Blogspot published pages.

BlogrCart TWO Live Preview

This theme can be viewed at with all the amazing functions it comes pre-installed with.

All documentation located at template live preview under the "Documentation" tab. We have covered each aspect of this theme customization which includes:-

  • Step by step guide how to install this Blogger template.
  • Setting up your shopping cart settings
  • Customizing this Blogspot template looks.
  • Customizing this Blogger theme add on functions
  • Frequently asked question on errors & troubleshooting.

Users can "Save" the documentation page to your PC for future reference as basically all theme custom Configuration parameters & guides is also available in this Blogger template HTML.

You can download this theme securely at our Blogger template file repository or at this theme live preview pages. There is no attribution or credit/sponosred links & all mark-ups are readable to ease further customization.

What's in the Download Files?

In the download, you will get:-

  • Full readable template file
  • Sample content/pages file
  • Over 12+ seamless background images
  • Sample mobile app icon sizes
  • Template documentation
  • Direct links to detail documentations
  • Direct links to video documentations
  • Necessary license & usages

If I have trouble during template install?

Use our contact form to submit your inquires or contact us directly using all the contact information made available in theme download files.

BTW - all support & help is free, we like to keep it that way. 

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