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Our Blogger Store and Shop Free Blogspot Template collection provides you an easy to customize and set up your auto e-mail invoice data. These data will be sent to your customers email and also a copy will be sent to you, as blog store / shop owners, to keep track on purchases / orders.

shopping cart email invoice free blogger blogspot template
A sample email invoice data sent via shopping cart blogger template

Basically the email invoice set-up are divided into four sections which has all the necessary information for your on-line email invoicing. The email invoice data section includes, your blogshop preferences, you registered business name and particulars, your blog store billing preferences (receiving payments via your dedicated banking institutions) and also additional section for you to include your blogshop important notes or even include the direct link to your PAYPAL or Google Checkout account to receive on-line payments.

Blog Shop / Store References - Section 1 

In this section, all data included here within the "quotes" will be sent to the auto email invoice plug-in which also includes your blog shop name, blog store URL, dedicated SUCCESS and ERROR page which will help re-directs your users after filling the checkout form which also includes the currency labels for the sent e-mail invoice.

Data Section Blog Shop / Store References Tips:-

IMPORTANT UPDATE 01/04/2014 - New template e-mail invoice code structure was updated at this below field:-

  data.shop_url = "//"; 
  data.shop_thankyou = "//";
  data.shop_sendFail = "//";

Current users can remove the "http:" from your leading url in order to pass through the e-mail validations. The example is as shown above and the listed codes below.

Codes below has been updated to reflect the changes.

  1. Include your blog store name which will help you brand your on-line store / shop via your email invoice.
  2. Build your SUCCESS an ERROR page first > View the page(s) > grab the designated URL, before inserting in the and URL section as shown below.
  3. Include your country or preferred currency transaction which is also used in your blogger store template.
  4. Having your own designated page for success and error allows you to design and include your own preference of liking. It will help you to guide your customers in providing more relevant data and making sure that your blogshop / store designs are consistent throughout your e-commerce site.  

// Edit your Blog Shop Preferences
  data.shop_name = "Your Blog Store Name";
  data.shop_url = "//";
  data.shop_thankyou = "//";
  data.shop_sendFail = "//";
  data.shop_email = "";
  data.shop_currency = "RM"; // Set currency to display in email invoice

Blog Shop / Store  Business References Section 2 

In this section, all data for your registered business can be included within the "quote": section. This section includes your registered business name, business address, and 3 contact sub-sections which you can include your shop hand phone number, your business premise number and also your fax number.

Data Section Business References Tips:-

  1. Include your registered business name in full. A best practice, include your business registration number which will also tell your users that your business is still active and registered accordingly.
  2. Include your full business address complete with postcode which will also help tell users your business location.
  3. For email invoice plug-in, data.shop_bizphone1  is dedicated for an active hand phone number. This will allow other settings like sending text messages (SMS) upon confirm payments.
  4. If you do not want to include other phone numbers, insert " - " (hiphe) in between the quotes.

// Edit your Business Preferences
  data.shop_bizname = "Your Business name";
  data.shop_bizaddress = "Your Business Address";
  data.shop_bizphone1 = "017-361 8321"; 
  data.shop_bizphone2 = "013-361 8321";
  data.shop_bizphone3 = "016-361 8321";

Blog Shop / Store  Section 3 - Payment / Banking Transaction Details

In this section, you can include data for your customers to complete their orders  purchases via available payment and banking institutions that are accepted for your on-line store.  There are 3 (three) alternatives banking or transaction methods you can include in your email invoice.

Data Section Banking / Payment Transactions References Tips:-

  1. Include the banking registration account name in full for referencing.
  2. DO NOT include any credit card / charge card numbers.
  3. If you do not need to use of other banking transactions, leaving it empty or deleting the codes will produce ERROR on your email invoice. Instead include a " - " (hiphen) in between the quotes in the lines required.

// Edit your Banking Preferences
  data.bank1 = "MYBANK";
  data.bank1_acc_no = "1234 1234 1111 22";
  data.bank1_acc_name = "John Jane";

  data.bank2 = "Bank Commerce";
  data.bank2_acc_no = "1234 1234 1111 22";  
  data.bank2_acc_name = "Jane Doe";

  data.bank3 = "Central Bank";
  data.bank3_acc_no = "1234 1234 1111 22";  
  data.bank3_acc_name = "John Doe";

Blog Shop / Store Business References Section 4 - Additional Notes

In this section, data used here to allow you to include any additional notes which might be important to your customers. Sometimes we see our blogshop / store template users uses this section to include links or promotional coupons and even current updates on their blogger store.

Data Section Additional Nortes References Tips:-

  1. You can also include more additional links to payment methods here.
  2. Include your promotional products here to attract on-going sales.
  3. You can also include more relevant data or important notes for your customers attention.

// Additional notes to include in automated e-mail
  data.note1 = "Our PAYPAL secured gateway at";
  data.note_detail1 = "Our Google Wallet secured payment gateway at";

  data.note2 = "Altenative Our merchant MYBANK2PAY at:";
  data.note_detail2 = "";

We certainly hope that this tutorial article and tips will help and guide you in building your profesioanally built blogger shop / store using the automated e-mail invoice functionality. The shopping cart powered blogshop / store template and plug-in is still FREE for personal or commercial use.

Download is still made available in the respective pages (License included). make sure to catch up on current blogger shopping cart updates and tutorials published regularly in our blog and our Facebook page.
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