Falling Feathers by JM for Zalora Awesome Baju Hari Raya Design

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Jovian Mandagie fans cum Jovianistas - JM's tribute to his loyal followers, May 30th marked a very memorable day at Zalora Malaysia. Why? To everyone in the fashion industry envy,  Falling Feathers collection by Jovian Mandagie was launched exclusive for Hari Raya 2013.

Falling Feathers by Jovian Mandagie Hari Raya Design Ideas

The full design collection displayed here is the 3rd collaboration between the awesome designer / entrepreneur Jovian Mandagie with Zalora. His previous collaboration collection with Zalora would be Jovian by Jovian Mandagie and Jovian Femme. For all the Jovanista's, these exclusive design baju raya collection was actually launced on site!

And then comes the feathers. In this design baju raya collection, it actually reflects feathers as the main inspiration which  represents the graceful elegance of the modern woman - words taken from Jovian Mandagie himself. To the designer, feathers embody strength, although by logic, when one thinks of feathers, soft and delicate comes to mind.

Falling Feathers collection by Jovian Mandagie for Zalora
Taken feathers for its functionality in the environment, like keeping birds dry during rain and protection from the cool breeze during heavy winds, it was the main inspiration for Jovian Mandagie in capturing the graceful nature of feathers and symbolizes through his designs and details in this collection.

With that said and taking nature to account, Jovian Mandagie baju raya designs 2013 also hand picked warm and cool colors of nature as Falling Feathers colors collection combo. From earthy colors to green, beige, blue, maroon hues was chosen to strengthen JM's stand on this collection, apart from the bold yellow, red color combination.

Materials used from soft chiffon, silk polyblend and crepe satin, with the awesome mix of intricate detailing done by Jovian himself, this collection would really make a strong presence for individuals who owns it this Hari Raya festive season..

Detailing for this collection, Jovian Mandagie hand printed himself, we mean the prints specially made, for each and every outfit in this collection! If you are comparing to Jovian's previous collection, Falling Feathers styling really shows off the traditional baju kebaya, baju kurung, the baju kurung labuh and the muslimah wear at the highest level ever!

Our personal pick would be from Fajeeda, because the attention Jovian Mandagie took towards the bead work detail (hard for us to describe). But with ombre-like effects, combining with the subtle pink silhouette, really added a twist to the traditional baju kurung styling.

New baju kurung style design by Jovian Mandagie at Zalora
Our favorite pick - We fell in love with the details at first sight - AWESOME! 

If you want more dramatic details, our pick would be Feliza. This design by JM really captures  a very dramatic dress for modern muslimah with its marron hue and elegant sillouhete.

From one piece dresses to the modern baju kurungs, if you have not found anything (or any design ideas on what to wear this Hari Raya festive season), then look no further! Hop on to Zalora.com.my and pick some of the stunning elegant styles of Falling Feathers collection by Jovian Mandagie.

Wait there's more! Words was passed around that more outfits would be included by Jovian Mandagie at Zalora, but this time with the use of sparkles and studs. Well JM have always made an impressive impact and in always in his league of his own!

Unlike other reviews, here we provide the full Falling Feathers collection by Jovian for Zalora. Take a deep breath, and spend time before selecting your favorite pick at Zalora later.

design baju raya jovian mandagie for zalora

jovian mandagie falling feathers collection for zalora

2013 design baju raya JM for zalora

Stunning design baju raya 2013 by JM at Zalora

2013 new design baju hari raya by JM

Jovian Mandagie in his own league for baju hari raya

baju kurung design at another level by jovian

Falling Feathers collection at Zalora

Full collection Falling Feathers for Zalora

Modern muslimah wear design by JM for Zalora

Baju kurung labuh modern design NEW 2013

Muslimah dress NEW design by Jovian

Design baju hari raya jovian mandagie

Jovian salutes Jovianistas Falling Feathers collection

New dress for hari raya 2013 by Jovian

Popular picked dress for hari raya 2013

Design baju hari raya aidilfitri by Jovian Mandagie

Ehem! Have your favorite pick yet?

Price range from MYR300 onwards, makes it affordable for you to grab an outfit inspired from the great mind of Jovian Mandagie - always ahead and in his own league! 

Browse to Zalora.com.my to get one, and as you know, like Jovian's previous Hari Raya Design collection, most of his dresses was sold out, weeks before the festive season started, so get one NOW!

Note: All images is copyrighted and owned by Zalora.com.my / Jovian Mandagie. Images used here is for informational, educational, referencing, promotional use and not for commercial purposes.
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