Top 10+1 Myths Blogger Blog Users (Still) Believes in 2020

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As Blogger platform power user,  we've encountered issues or complaints sent by users daily (almost) in help forums & via social media discussions regarding SEO & future for Blogger platform.

Ending the year 2019 & looking forward to 2020, here are the top 10 + 1 myths that Blogger users still believe (& assumes) when it comes to SEO & others related, when using this platform - not in particular order.

Blogger SEO Myths for 2020 and Users Still Believes This!

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Myth 1: Date Format SEO Issues in Blogger Post Pages URLs

There's nothing wrong with date scheme in URL formats, it does not hurt your page in search results. Search bots are smarter these days and URL scheme does not put (that much of) weight when it comes to search results anyways.

Myth 2: Blogger Not Search Engines Best Web Builder 

As far as we know of, search engines like Google does not favor any web builder or platform when it comes to ranking pages in search results -- even if the platform is one of their products.
If the contents is clear, comes from a reputable source & answers users questions when searched, it's all good.

Myth 3: Regularly Publish Contents on Blogger Ranks Higher

Too many contents published daily does not guarantee top spots in search results either & favorable with search bots. We have seen much more better results when original crafted contents published consistently rather than quantity.

Myth 4: Default Blogger Themes & Templates Not SEO Friendly

Wrongly fine tuning your blog (and pages) makes your theme not SEO friendly. If you really dig in deeper Blogger theme structure, Blogger Team already provides the necessary setups (& tools) required by search engines. It boils down to how well you fine tune your blog with correct meta data & setup. Of course it is not 100% perfect, but it has the the tools loaded for you.

Myth 5: Adding More H1 Tags Hurts Blogger Blog Pages SEO

There's nothing wrong with more than one H1 tag in a webpage, It does not hurt your blog page positions in search results either - this is confirmed by Google search engineers. For schematic reasons, we always provide at least one H1 tag to indicate it's importance in a web page structure. It's plain common sense & helps screen readers too.

Myth 6: Blogger Needs AMP HTML

Everyone who has a website or blog may of heard about Accelerated Mobile Pages or Google AMP or AMP HTML. AMP is just an option & not mandatory. Not all search engines (& feed readers) supports AMP HTML. Having AMP pages does not guarantee your contents on Blogger will rank higher. If your contents is bad, no engagements - using AMP still does not help.

Myth 7: Difficult Obtaining Adsense Approvals for Blogs

If your blogspot,com blogs meets Adsense eligibility & guidelines, your blog would be approved - period! In most (& many) cases, Blogger users pre-maturely submit applications to Adsense. If you're not sure, Adsense Help pages is available at your Earnings panel. If you're still not sure, than Google Help Community is available to help.

Myth 8: Blogger Platform Will Die Like Google+

No official announcement yet, but as far as we're concern, Blogger platform already introduced many updates & upgrades for the past 2-3 (better late then never!). We've been informed that the platform already migrated to a new infrastructure & back-end. Official information can be found here: Blogger Buzz - Official Announcements by Blogger Team.

Labor & cost extensive upgrades like this could mean there's (maybe) light at the end & there's future for this platform (fingers crossed).

Myth 9: Better Use 3rd Party Themes for Best SEO

There's the good, the bad & the ugly when using 3rd party Blogger templates. Using 3rd party Blogger themes does not (guarantee) help in SEO either - but with the right tuning it can!

To safe guard your interests, ensure you get ample support by your template maker. If unanswered, then move to the next one - plain & simple. There's no use using products which is unsupported anyways, during your blog-ing journey.

If a 3rd party party Blogger theme is well tuned, the results are pretty amazing! You can view some examples here, websites solely built on Blogger platform.

Myth 10: Search Engines Do Not Crawl Custom Domain Blogger Blogs

Custom domain Blogger blogs is just like any other website on the internet. Yes, there were issues reported in mid November 2019, but it was resolved by Google Search engineers several days after. You can read the details at Google Search Console Help Community.

Myth 10+1: Blogger Platform Limits Storage for Contents

There's no limit when publishing contents via Blogger platform. There's no limit to upload images for your blog posts - as long as your uploaded images below 2048px in width/height. These uploaded images file size does not accumulate to your Google Account free storage space either - if below te size limits mentioned.

There's limits to publish Post or Pages a day, like any other free platform, these limitations is set to safeguard the platform from over usages. Blogger as the Top 3 most used blog-ing platform in several regions in the world already have plenty of stuffs to take care of.

Am I missing anything? Leave comments below if you want to add more stories about your experience using Blogger platform -- which you may feel (a bit) unusual.

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