How to Fix Issues Visiting Your Blogger Blog with ERR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT & Unable to Connect

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For the month of December 2018, Blogger users from all around the globe are facing some difficulties accessing or viewing their blog(s) on Blogger platform -- from their web browsers.

ERR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT or can not connect to server or Unable to Connect -- are some of the most common  notifications displayed at users web browsers when trying to view their blog with these issues.


Issues like this can lead to several attributes, some of them are:-

  • Unstable internet connections
  • Disrupted internet connections
  • Slow internet connections
  • Blogger servers may be busy
  • Blogger servers might be congested.
  • Blogger servers might be under maintenance.
  • Bad or corrupted page cache'd kept with user's web browsers.
  • Bad or corrupted or expired SSL certificates cache'd by user's browser/device

And the list may go on and on...

Here's how to easily fix these issues if you're encountered this which was voted most helpful in this help forum.

Fix Connection Time Out and Unable to Connect Issues for Blogger Blogs.

Here are the steps you can easily operate to fix these issues quickly -- from your end. Ensure that you have strong & stable internet connections before proceeding.

  1. Clear your web browser cookies & cache if needed your web browser History too.
  2. Temporary disable any web browser extensions.
  3. Update your web browser to the newest versions
  4. Close your web browser.
  5. Disconnect the internet with your device.
  6. Turn off your modem, wait several minutes then turn On modem (if accessible).
  7. Temporary disable any anti-virus installed with your device.
  8. Launch your web browser and view your blog.

At #7 ensure to browse only websites you trust. Enable your anti virus program immediately once you are sure there is not obstructions connecting the internet from your device applications.

In most cases step #1 will fix your connection timeout issues.

However due to heavy caching by web browsers & devices these days, disconnecting the internet & resetting the modem will "flush" old/bad/corrupted cache'd data.

By doing so, your device & web browsers will renew these cache data & connections & hopefully fix your error connection timeout issues.

Worst case scenario, by turning off your device, then turn back on, might also reset/clear the cache'd data kept internally by your device.


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