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Setup for IDR Indonesia Rupiah currency used with BlogrCart-eX Blogger shopping cart widget for Blogger blogs. Integrate to any Blogger themes instantly & start selling online on your blog posts like ecommerce stores do!

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Shopping Cart widget for Blogger IDR Currency Settings

Once successfully installed & placed BlogrCart-eX at your Blogger Layout, then use below setup to update the currency to IDR with Rp as currency symbol. Here's how:-

  • Go to Layout 
  • Find your Shopping Cart widget then click Edit (or Pencil icon).
  • At widget body scroll to the very bottom.
  • Copy below currency setup and paste in widget body.

    code: 'IDR', 
    symbol: 'Rp ', 
    name: 'Indonesia Rupiah', 
    accuracy: 3,
    after: false

  • Click Save to save your widget
  • Click Save Arrangements and preview your changes.

To allow shopping cart to extract the price accurately, your price must use comma "," as delimiter and dots "." as decimals. This is unavoidable unless with additional formatting required -- contact us here for more info.

Paypal does not support IDR as currecncy at checkout. Upon usage, checkout at Paypal's checkout page will auto converts to use USD. To apply auto IDR to USD conversions at Paypal checkout, contact us for further details.

If you have any suggestion or feedback regarding BlogrCart-eX, leave a comment below or contact us via our contact page here. Enjoy!
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