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Update 18th July 2016

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Original Article published 1st November 2015

In this tutorial we will show you how to automatically empty the shopping cart after users successfully sent in their order via Paypal or by email notification. At earlier BlogrCart Blogger store templates releases, users are required to include the dedicated helper function to empty the shopping cart.

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Beginning BlogrCart Mukabuku Elite blogger template, the replacement theme for Blogrcart MukaBuku found here http://blogrcart-mukabuku-elite.blogspot.com , the functions comes built in with the theme/template set-ups.

Manually Add Empty Shopping Cart Helper

Since that for every successful submitted orders either by Paypal or email notifier, users are redirected to your Success order page. This give plenty of room for you to customize additional instructions to your users.

While users are headed here, this would be the best spot for you to include the helper functions to empty the shopping cart since that the orders have been sent/notified earlier.

In this case, open up your Success page and click HTML view. Add below code to empty the shopping cart stored at your users web browsers.

  $(document).one('ready', function () {
    for(simpleCart_items in localStorage) {
      delete localStorage[simpleCart_items];

What this function do is to remove all shopping cart data saved at users browsers once he or she visits this Success page.

Update November

Since that some of BlogrCart themes adds in the jQuery library (extension for javascript) at footer for best page web practices, you can modify the code above to activate the functions using javascript only like so...

  window.onload = function(){
    for(simpleCart_items in localStorage) {
      delete localStorage[simpleCart_items];

Add Empty Shopping Tag Helper

For current BlogrCart themes, users only required to include the special tag to remove the shopping cart data when users visits the Success page.

At your Success page click HTML and add below tag, anywhere at the bottom of your texts:-

<div class="empty-shopping-cart"></div>

Click Save & test that the shopping cart will be emptied once you have visited this page.

There you go. More ways to enhance your Blogger powered e-commerce web store & handle more gracefully your users experience shopping at your store.

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