Tutorial Hiding/Removing Unwanted Form Fields for Blogrcart Themes 2015

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This tutorial is provided to help BlogrCart store owners to customize & use only the necessary inputs fields for their send order form at checkout.

This will allow a minimal form submission coming from your BlogrCart powered store. Blog store owners & users now can receive the important datas coming from their store & straight to their email inboxes.

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For Blogger store owners, the form input fields can not be deleted as the input field tags is required by the shopping cart plug-in. If it is missing, error will occur hence the plug-in will stop initiating.   

What form input fields can be hidden?

Below are the detail tags on form input fields found at your send form that can be "hidden" from your BlogrCart send order page:-

<input class='some_class' id='last_name' name='last_name' type='text'/>
<input class='some_class' id='phone' name='phone' type='tel'/>
<textarea class='some_class' id='address' name='address'></textarea>
<input class='some_class' id='postcode' name='postcode' type='text'/>

For reference, the required input fields is as follows:-

<input class='some_class' id='first_name' name='first_name' type='text'/>
<input class='some_class' id='email' name='email' type='email'/>

How to Hide Unwanted Input Fields at Send Order Form?

Below is an example tag to hide unwanted input fields at your send order form. Use the tags to replace the existing form input tags (as above).

For labeled Last Name:-

<input class='some_class' id='last_name' name='last_name' type='text' val='-' style='display:none;'/>

For labeled Phone:-

<input class='some_class' id='phone' name='phone' type='tel' val='-' style='display:none;'/>

For labeled Address:-

<textarea class='some_class' id='address' name='address' val='-' style='display:none;'></textarea>

For labeled Postcode:-

<input class='some_class' id='postcode' name='postcode' type='text' val='-' style='display:none;'/>

For labeled Message:-

<textarea class='some_class' id='message' name='message' val='-' style='display:none;'/>

Detail explanations

For each input tags, the val='-' is used to prevent from the form validation plug-in to detect for "empty " inputs fields.

Inline style='display:none;' is used to override existing CSS styles coming from the template to hide the input field but still make it accessible with the form validation plug-in that comes with BlogrCart themes.

See how quickly & easy to customize according to your store needs? Sometimes one have to be creative & think outside the box a bit to find the simplest solution. This is why BlogrCart Blogger e-commerce templates has a huge fan base around the world & amongst favourites downloaded by Blogspot users here at our theme gallery page http://sellfy.com/irsah

Hope it helps & happy customizing BlogrCart Blogger store templates.
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