Changing Blogger Templates Does Not Hurt Your Blog - If You Are Doing It Right

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For the past week, our team at +Irsah inDesigns  were approached by a young & ambitious entrepreneur - ask us if we could somehow boost her business blog. For years her business blog had a static page visits & views between 1.2k to 1.5k daily and felt something is amiss-ed. So we took the time from our busy ( & hectic ) schedule for our blogger store template gallery downloads at to attend her needs. After some useful email conversation, exchanging ideas & investigation on what would probably the cause of her business blog ordeal ( the pageviews/page visits ) we brought the idea to change her Blogger blog theme since that it was not properly set-up with untidy codes, too many external plug-in references - something you may expect from Blogger template designer galleries (& directories) from that other part of blogsphere world. Deep into our discussion, she had some designs in mind, sent us a few examples & it did not take us long to
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