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Update 26 July 2016 - Now BlogrCart WHITE, PLUS & BUTIK Blogger shopping cart theme/template in version 2.0, more powerful & less setups to quickly build your online store without any CODE EDITS. View the new collection here . For ver 2.0's, changing currency symbol at send order email notification body does not have to edit any code! Original Article 6 September 2015 A quick tutorial on how to send your currency symbol to display at the email invoice (send order email) using BlogrCart Blogger store templates - e-commerce for Blogspot themes powered by simplecartjs - a lightweight shopping cart plug-in for websites & blogs. Did you know that more than 30,000 Freemium & PRO versions BlogrCart Blogshop/Blogger store theme/templates have been downloaded & used per year. Find why with more themes here at our blogspot template gallery/repository . You probably have noticed ( in screenshot ), the free unlimited send order emai
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