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Updated August 2015
Now BlogrCart blogger store template collection comes equipped with this convert currency checkout to Paypal. Very useful for blogger store owners using non supported currencies like BND (Brunei), IDR (Indonesia Rupiah), VND (Vietnamese Dong), INR (Indian Rupee) etc. Users at their store can checkout & pay online with credit or debit cards at Paypal safely & securely with auto conversions included. No Paypal account needed! View live working example here . More blogger store templates for downloads at

We have received many request to share how to update the selected item prices for BlogrCart Blogger store themes, to set a default currency (including updated prices) to checkout (send the datas) using currencies available at Paypal.

Blogger easy setup ecommecre theme with shopping cart Paypal

Below is a tutorial (and detail code function) on how to update your BlogrCart Blogger store theme currency (& prices) using Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) to USD (US Dolar) and checkout at Paypal. This is due to unavailability of the IDR currency (not supported) as a Paypal currency checkout option.

Now Blogger store owners using our BlogrCart themes (namely BlogrCart Closet Theme) can receive on-line payments using Paypal supported currencies, with prices calculated automatically from their BlogrCart Blogger store.

If you do not have a BlogrCart Closet theme, then download one here for FREE, unzip the files, create a new blog, upload & install the template.

Here is the full tutorial & step by step guide to set the default settings for the shopping cart plug-in -

As requested by our fans at Facebook, the BlogrCart Closet theme demo is currently using the custom Paypal USD to SGD checkout with prices update. Users can check out & view how the functions works.

How to Update Item Prices and Available Currency to Paypal

In template editor find <b:includable id='cart-paypal-settings'> and expand to view the detail settings.

Now update the ENTIRE codes to below:-

function passPaypal(){
    // get the currency exchange rate
    // note that this will be updated by store owner & depends on current currency exchange rates
    // below is example for IDR to USD exchange rate 
    // update to preferred exchange rate to currency set
    var currency_exchange_rate = 0.000079;
    // grab the item prices in variable
    var listed_item_price = item.get('price');
    // calculate the updated USD prices 
    var new_price_USD = listed_item_price * currency_exchange_rate; // divide or times the currency exchange rate
    // set the updated prices for the items
    item.set('price', new_price_USD);
    checkout: {
      type: "PayPal",
      email: "",
      sandbox: false,
      success: "/p/success.html", // return URL
      cancel: "/p/error.html" // error URL
  // use USD as new checkout currency
  //optional use other available currency codes available for Paypal
  // checkout to Paypal using updated price and currency

Highlighted yellow is the additional codes to update your shopping cart item prices to checkout to Paypal and update the final currency ( to USD).

Some useful notes:-
  1. Always check on the current currency exchange rates and update accordingly at the remarks included.
  2. Make sure the default currency used (at your Blogger store) is not the final currency to use at Paypal checkout.
  3. Use the available currency code pre-built with simpleCartjs shopping cart plug-in and also the currency codes supported at Paypal.
  4. Always a good practice to notify your users if selecting checkout to Paypal, the items prices will be updated to a new price due to incompatibility (not supported) currency at/to your Paypal checkout.
  5. This function is TESTED & works very well with our PRO themes which you can download here at our Markeplace.

This advance Paypal checkout function can also be updated at our other BlogrCart Blogger store themes, freemium or PRO, available at our marketplace here, with slight adjustments. Contact us for assistance & one of our team member will surely help out & support.
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