Rendering Techniques–Episode 1

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Hi all. Today we are going to share some of our basic illustration techniques we use for our designs. We will explain to you the steps and techniques as basic as possible. It is possible you will wonder around (especially for the non design freeks), but we will try our best to improvise on our presentation write up.

Basically, most of our illustration works have a short time frame. Can you imagine getting the brief from your client at 9 AM in the morning and they want the final product by 5 PM the same day, softcopy and printed!!! Well….. it always happens to us. We tried almost all the graphics software we could find out there in the market and we manage to stick with a handful graphic software which to our opinion, the final product is presentable as one could offer (bare in mind the time frame). For the record, we will find the best resources for your needs, which will definitely be in line with your budget.

Here are some of our illustration works. You could find detail explanation just after the images below:-



Nos of Person for Job. 1 1/2 (yup…. the other half person had to facilitate site supervision.. huhu…)
Nos of hours until completed. 3 hours (inclusive of mock-up and rendering) add another 1 hour for printing on presentation board.
Initial pixel output. N/A
Preliminary drawings provided. No technical plans or detail drawings provided. Only given images from existing layout.
Software used. Google Sketchup Pro 8 for basic interior 3d mock up with full imports from Sketchup Warehouse (thanks you guys for the detail models)
Exported to Kerkhythea Renderer, applied lighting, surfaces and details.
Saved in high resolution jpeg format, printed with Canon Laser MP series on Canon high gloss photo paper. (you should have seen the final print out, marvellousssss)
Estimated rendering time. 42 minutes (using photorealistic settings-if your familiar with Kerkhythea)
Total images rendered. 8 detail interior perspectives and 2 perspective plans
Remarks. Well what can you expect for a 4 hour illustration work using dual core Dell PC and Compaq Laptop on a Windows 7 platform. 
No touch up was implemented due to time constraint. Usually we use Photoshop and Corel Paint to give that ‘shazaaam’ to our images.
Additional remarks. Got the big ‘FUHYOOOOOOOOOOO’  and ‘WALAULEH’ from the client.

Hope the details above could inspire you. Well… we are not saying that we are pros in this business, but imagine what will it do to your upcoming proposals for your clients. The main thing is, if you need a more professional look, cough up the money right????? If you do not have the budget, find alternatives….

With this type of final illustration output, for your info, the cost did not exceed the RM 1K mark. More tips and tricks we will share in the next episode… Till then…. Help build progressive enterprises….Salam 1 Entrepreneur…
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