Tutorial Customize Currency for Blogger Shopping Cart Template

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Tutorial Customize Currency for Blogger Shopping Cart Template
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This featured Blogger template which uses a shopping cart functionality, allows users to customize one's blogshop or web store currency settings according to their respective country. This will also help out users to set the currency locality for your on-line shop and set your on-line target audience.

edit custom shopping cart currency in blogger template easily

Customize currency symbol, currency international codes, currency name, the delimiter, accuracy for your blogshop to reflect the mode of payment accepted at your blogger store. For Paypal users, only listed currency exchange is allowed and users can find the full currency codes allowed/used at Paypal website. Paypal is the leading on-line payment gateway, is also expanding the list of available currencies for safe and secured on-line transactions.

In addition, around 21 pre-installed currencies has been included with this Blogger shopping cart template. Developed by the ever talented Wojo Design Group, simplecartjs,  is a one of a kind e-commerce add-on which uses only basic HTML to set up in one;s website, and now your Blogger blog!

You can find the full list for the available shopping cart pre-installed currencies here and detail how-to is also included in this blogger template tutorial pages and the featured video tutorial above. This will help out users to customize easily one's blogger store currency for their shopping cart and it will also reflect at the view cart summary page automatically! Set up blogger store in no time!.

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