Proton PREVE–Incidents or Accident? You Decide.

@ written .Friday, April 27, 2012   

Proton PREVE–Incidents or Accident? You Decide.
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Here are images that was recently sent to us through our google groups (thanks guys). What a good start for the newest member of our beloved Proton family under a ‘brand new’ management/owners… hmmmmmm Not to condemn nor to highlight certain aspects, but sometimes you guys must remember, when you are holding something big, you are carrying a heavy burden on top of your shoulders.

All images provided by google groups.

And one more thing, please drive carefully, hope this type of incident would not happen to the other car owners. But the good thing is, as reported by our members… no injuries has occurred. So, thumbs up on the safety instruments…… (guess3)

Congratulations to members of PROTON for the newest product. Something we Malaysian can actually shout about. (oooopsssss… write about)

All images provided by google groups.
And just like their tag line…. DRIVE IT TO BELIEVE IT….. and to us and our fellow associates….. SEEING IT, SOMEBODY WILL BELEIVE IT….

From irsah indesign desk.

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