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Premade Blogger shopping cart theme & template premium free themes ready download curated by slightly bizarre Blog designs & small business development info studio based in KL.

BlogrStore Responsive V1.1 Shopping Cart Email Invoice Blogspot Template

New updates on BlogrStore Responsive Version 1.1 e-commerce featured Blogger template can now be downloaded at the available links right here in the tutorial p…

Learn how to AMP'd your blog with valid AMP HTML Blogger theme framework. Visit Blogr-AMP Theme and AMPaction Theme. No 3rd party application. Compatible with published posts. Quick in search & on any devices.

Email Invoice Data Setting Up Your Blogger Store / Shop Template

Our Blogger Store and Shop Free Blogspot Template collection provides you an easy to customize and set up your auto e-mail invoice data. These data will be sen…

Error and Inactive Plug-in and How-to Install Template Easily

Since the release of our full packed e-commerce featured Blogger Blogspot blogshop template with email invoice last June 2013, it was well received by bloggers…

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