PZRS – MOF Register and Approved in 4 Days

@ written .Friday, March 30, 2012   

PZRS – MOF Register and Approved in 4 Days
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Congratulations  to Mr. Razak, Mr. Sukor and Mr. Zaini for their company acceptance and approval with the Ministry of Finance (MOF), you are now certified contractors with governmental agencies . Our thank you goes to Persada ZRS Sdn. Bhd.(PZRS) personnel, for the cooperation and commitment in providing the necessary documentation hence making the application smoothly.

Once again congratulations to MoF and Commerce Dot Com (CDC) personnels, for their excellent services and the best response time. As a result, the registration approval for PZRS was processed within 4 DAYS. Yup .. 4 DAYS .. Please view screenshot below (from eperolehan.gov.my)

Irsah Indesign feels very excited because of the consistency and efficiency given by the personnel from MOF/CDC throughout our engagement in assisting companies for their application.
Here in Irsah InDesign, we  actually support and facilitate your organisation application with the relevant agencies. We help managed and supervise all documentation required hence providing updated data for your company. With the support given, you as business owners will have that much space for your daily business needs. Remember .. optimising your management efficiency will lead to productivity.

If you are running a business here in Malaysia, you are not required to register with MOF unless you are consider in providing services with any government agencies. This options also goes to GLC - Governement Related Agencies or Companies in Malaysia.

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