AKA Alam Resources - Business Registration Online

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AKA Alam Resources - Business Registration Online
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Yes. Now Malaysian's can register their businesses on line. Myportal and the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) have developed a secured portal to register your company or your business. So you can actually forget about the days during your 'memorable' visits to the government offices. Congratulations and kudos to the hard working people involved in realising the virtual services Malaysian government can offer.

Although there are a few glitches here and there, especially the connections with their servers, it is actually not that bad. The portal interface is merely WYSIWYG and clearly outlined for the newbies, By the way, try calling their help desk, they actually pick up the phone... impressed ?!?! Ask anything but everything about the portal, which they can help guide through the step by step features. And one more thing, try calling them in the wee hours of the morning... They pick up too.... impressed again ?!?!

Well it is a major improvement for Malaysian's and i'm proud of it. And i'm also glad that we at irsah indesign helped and managed our associate company, AKA Alam Resources to register themselves in 2 DAYS. Yup. 2 DAYS. All documentation was managed by us and the best thing, you the owner just sit down, relax and have a cup of coffee in front of your pc. The next thing you know that you will get an e-mail for business registration status and the best part, once approved, just print out your company registration certificate via the e-mail attachment sent by SSM.

How secured the transactions and how liable the registration process. Well, i could say this, the main thing is that irsah.com associates had that extra leverage in saving time and money hence as business owners could proceed in conducting your day to day business transactions with out delay.

Here are the links to SSM for the step by step tutorials for the business registration and as alternative, if you're somewhere stuck in the process, e-mail us and we are happily to obliged and help you out. (...If you want to cut cost on your tele bills.) Or best yet, visit us at www.irsah.com and get details of services to enhance your business.

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