DAF Auto Motorsport – MoF Registration Renewal

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DAF Auto Motorsport – MoF Registration Renewal
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After several implications and problems that could not be avoided, DAF Auto Motorsport (DAF) has successfully renewed their registration with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia MOF for a period of 3 years until 2014. The registration was a bit complicated because part of the renewal process as service contractors requires the company go through rigorous screening process by the Ministry of Finance.

All documentation was updated by Irsah InDesign and managed to facilitate the renewal registration process and after waiting their turn for a site visit by the MOF staffs , DAF passed with flying colours. Thanks to the efforts and dedication from DAF’s staffs and management team, which made it easier for irsah indesign team to collect data and supporting documents for the application procedure. Here are some of the  documents needed for the application which is required by the registration committee: -
    1. The latest copy of registration certificate with updated attachment B, D etc from SSM.
    2. NRIC copies of the company’s owners.
    3. Copy of business registration with the local authorities.
    4. Insurance coverage for premise, equipment and employees.
    5. Registration and current employees contributions with EPF.
    6. SOCSO registration and current contributions.
    7. Certified financial statements (3 months back dated).
    8. Location plan to the premise.
    9. Current images of the premise.

Irsah InDesign managed to comply with all of the documents including the renewal of insurance policies for the premise and other necessary technical tasks. Part of the approval requires the MOF appointed staffs to make a site visit for verification. All and all, the process took about 45 days including the site visit process.

Since DAF staffs and management team was quite busy carrying their daily chores and entertaining customers, we manage to improvise and make sure the registration process was as smooth as possible.

Our gratitude and thank you  goes to the DAF’s owner, En. Dasuki and En. Azmi for their commitment and giving Irsah InDesign the opportunity to manage and further more updating required data for the company.

We hope that during the renewal application process, it did not interfere with their daily operations. Once again, congratulations to DAF’s staffs (mechanics) and the peoples from MOF for their dedication and kind consideration. A big thank you.

From irsah indesign helpdesk. Register with MOF and provide support services with many governmental agencies.

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